How Per-Page Pricing Works

Our process is very simple.  We we will provide you a customized per page pricing program over the phone after gaining an understanding of your record analysis needs.

Contact us by filling out our service inquiry form (located here), by calling 800-655-1129 or by emailing us (click here).  

We believe our per-page pricing program is a major advance for the industry and will force operational efficiencies that will benefit everyone.  This win-win situation assumes clients will not select only certain files or portions of records for sending to bmcgroup - which would not be fair for us or our exceptional team of nurses. 

Please note our per-page pricing guidelines to the right of this section.


Chronology: All chronologies are provided in our PowerPDFtm format and include electronic file organization, electronic highlighting and hyperlinking to each referenced page.

Analysis Report: All analysis reports are provided in our PowerPDFtm format and are hyperlinked to both the chronology report and each referenced page of the medical records.  Our analysis reports are an add-on to our chronology service.

Case Merit Review: Our case merit reviews are designed to provide the client an accurate assessment of case merits as cost-effectively as possible.  As a result, we do not provide a written report as part of the service, but instead a verbal report and the electronic records file marked up with electronic highlighting and notes.  Written reports are available for an extra charge.

Other services: We also provide bill review, miscellaneous legal nurse consulting and mass tort triage services.  Please contact us for a custom price quotation.

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Per-page Pricing Guidelines

Entire chart.   All quoted rates apply when the entire chart from each facility is received, not selected records.  If only selected records are sent, then bmcgroup will charge hourly.

Detailed intake.  Per-page rates only apply where detailed information is provided by the attorney to focus the work performed by the consultant.

Special formatting.  Volume commitments are required for special formatting requests, in which case custom pricing may apply.

Imaging cost.  Most record retrieval companies image on-site, and should be able to provide your records in PDF (if they won't, call us to discuss). Otherwise, a per page surcharge applies to image the records based on volume.