Eliminate Expense

There are numerous hidden costs associated with paper medical records.

  • “Blowback” costs average $0.11 per page
  • Records are usually copied multiple times - assume another $0.11 per page for each copy
  • Shipping costs of $5 - $25 each time copies are shipped
  • Storage costs of maintaining boxes of medical records
  • Labor costs of filing and retrieving paper documents
  • Excess expert costs for reviewing un-organized, un-summarized records


Organization-Wide Cost Analysis (free)

Has your organization analyzed and quantified the excess costs associated with paper medical records?  No matter what size organization, odds are that your paper-based approach to managing medical record information is having a substantive impact on your bottom line - or that of your client.  Contact us using the form below for a no-charge cost analysis.

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Minimize Surprises

All too often, pre-trial surprises occur in the form of unexpected expert testimony, last-minute reserve spikes and eve-of-trial settlements.

In medically-driven litigation, the plaintiff’s medical records contain critical evidence. Until they are organized, summarized, analyzed and understood, the reserves are not reliable, discovery is not efficient and settlement discussions are uninformed.