Rigorous Vetting

We only work with experienced legal nurse consultants who maintain a track record of success. Our senior legal nurse consultants maintain in excess of:

  • 10 years clinical nursing experience
  • 10 years legal nurse consulting experience

Our rigorous 7-phase vetting process insures that exceptional nurses will be working on your case.


Objective Quality Control Standards

Legal nurse consulting tends to lack formalized quality control. Most work is performed using paper records, word processing remains the default standard, and each nurse tends to follow their own ad hoc process for performing their work.

Our MedWorx platform is build around a consistent, standardized process that enables objective measurement of quality and efficiency.


Exceptional LNC Team

Our legal nurse consultants have worked at leading healthcare corporations and law firms. Some of our nurses have masters degrees, while others are founding members of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC). Leading textbooks our team has contributed to include:

  • Nursing Malpractice, 3rd Ed.
  • Medical-Legal Aspects of Medical Records
  • Legal Nurse Consulting, Principles and Practice